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Internal lining

ALKUBRA offers a complete range of coatings for gas, water or effluent transmission lines.

In gas transmission, the use of liquid epoxies brings substantial advantages. It protects against corrosion prior to installation and during production, which extends the life of the pipeline.

The reduced surface roughness improves flow efficiency which allows the operator to run fewer compression stations, so saving power and increasing the profitability of the line.

For potable water and effluent transmission lines, the hot-applied, solvent-free epoxies comply with all of the stringent environmental requirements. This lining has excellent corrosion properties and adhesion, a very smooth internal surface and a high resistance to abrasion. These characteristics maintain the purity of the product during transportation.

If requested by the customer, ALKUBRA can also provide in-situ cement mortar lining which offers good resistance to corrosion owing to the use of sulphate-resistant cement and the mortar’s structure.



Company news
2014 On going projects

1.Arabi Enertech
KOC Contract No. 12050960
Section 2 of Construction of High Pressure flowlines and Associated Works for Jurassic Wells at North Kuwait Area.
HBP coating for Girth Weld Joints and Induction Bends

2.Hanwha Engineering & Construction Corporation
KNPC Contract No. KNPC-SC-CO-016 (Halon Phase out project)
Internal Cement Lining and External Coating & Wrapping

3.Petrofac International Ltd.
KOC Contract No. 45654
Effluent Water Injection Phase 1/Sea Water Injection Phase 2
Internal & External Painting of Pipe spools
HBE & HBP Coating of Undergrounds pipe spools

4.IMCO Engineering & Construction Co.
KOC Contract No. 44017
Integrated Security System for All KOC Facilities
Internal Phenolic Epoxy & External HBE Coating

5.Alghanim International
MEW Contract No. MEW/C/4608-2013/2014
Sabiya OCGT
Internal & External Painting for Tanks, Coating & wrapping for pipe spools

6.ABJ Engineering & Contracting Co.
KOC Contract No. 44930
NEW GC 16 In West Kuwait
Gunite Lining of Desalters

7.SK Engineering & Construction
KOC Contract No 12050614
KES Project
Internal, External Painting, HBE & HBP Coating of Pipe Spools

8.Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Co.
KNPC Project No. 7500038742
AGRP Project
Internal Cement Lining of Pipe Spools

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