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Heatshrink sleeves

We are specialized in the applicator for field installation on pipe line operating between 40oC and 80oC in most cases these coating can be applied without the necessity of removing the pipe line from service or use of high steel preheat temperature, also we are specialized in the application of heat shrinks on the weld jointed pipes for any size.
The coating comes either as HTLP a sleeve for girth weld coating and bell-hole repairs or as retroclad, a tape for continues line coating, retroclad/HTLP consist of a thick radiation cross linked polyolefin backing coated with high-shear strength thermoplastic adhesive that is activated by a curable liquid epoxy contains 100% solid and cures upon installation of the sleeve or tape.

After applying the epoxy to a precleaned pipe surface the HTLP sleeve is wrapped around the pipe and a flexible closure is applied to form the sheet into a tube.

Similarly, the retroclad tape can be continuously wrapped around the pipe either by hand or by a conventional tape wrapping machine. With both products, the backing is heat recovered to provide an even tension that forces the moltan adhesive to flow and fill around all pipes irreoulantie. After application, the cured epoxy bonds result in very high adhesive strengths to both the steel and to the thermoplastic adhesive: these high shear stunt materials or able to resist soll stresses and backfilling.

The installed HTLP and retroclad products are both three layer coating (epoxy, thermoplastic adhesive, and cross linked polyolefin backing) that provides a tough, reliable high performance corrosion prevention system that is easily installed in field.
We have near about ten years experience in the heat shrink field.



Company news
2014 On going projects

1.Arabi Enertech
KOC Contract No. 12050960
Section 2 of Construction of High Pressure flowlines and Associated Works for Jurassic Wells at North Kuwait Area.
HBP coating for Girth Weld Joints and Induction Bends

2.Hanwha Engineering & Construction Corporation
KNPC Contract No. KNPC-SC-CO-016 (Halon Phase out project)
Internal Cement Lining and External Coating & Wrapping

3.Petrofac International Ltd.
KOC Contract No. 45654
Effluent Water Injection Phase 1/Sea Water Injection Phase 2
Internal & External Painting of Pipe spools
HBE & HBP Coating of Undergrounds pipe spools

4.IMCO Engineering & Construction Co.
KOC Contract No. 44017
Integrated Security System for All KOC Facilities
Internal Phenolic Epoxy & External HBE Coating

5.Alghanim International
MEW Contract No. MEW/C/4608-2013/2014
Sabiya OCGT
Internal & External Painting for Tanks, Coating & wrapping for pipe spools

6.ABJ Engineering & Contracting Co.
KOC Contract No. 44930
NEW GC 16 In West Kuwait
Gunite Lining of Desalters

7.SK Engineering & Construction
KOC Contract No 12050614
KES Project
Internal, External Painting, HBE & HBP Coating of Pipe Spools

8.Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Co.
KNPC Project No. 7500038742
AGRP Project
Internal Cement Lining of Pipe Spools

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